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Modern psychology, spirituality & even healthcare urge us to eliminate stress and find balance for better, healthier lives. But how is this possible in times of crisis or chaos? Or amidst conflict, suffering and even pain?  SoulSpeak : Beyond Three Dimensions is a guide for spiritual consciousness as a way of life, revealing how to communicate with the deeper parts of our nature to create balance and joy in the most challenging of circumstances. By connecting with realms beyond our three-dimensional awareness, we can access a place of inner knowing where answers lie. SoulSpeak offers a wealth of information and techniques to push the limits of our rational minds, to connect with realms beyond our three-dimensional awareness, to access our own inner Guidance, and communicate with aspects of ourselves to guide us in making clear and conscious choices in times of crisis.  SoulSpeak reveals compelling solutions and answers to questions of critical environmental issues, vital healthcare concerns, relationships, spirituality, economy and offers wisdom on science, physics and metaphysical phenomena.

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